Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mike Feil - Ring - Critique


looks really good!

A few little things that caught my eye:

- during the first 34 frames the screen left hand feels super sticky, especially with the arm bending and moving around. I would add some ambient movement to the hand

- the ring drops a bit too nicely. I would have it land a bit on one side and then roll in place for a tiny bit

- the hand going off the table after around x220 feels a bit forced. It looks like it's moving in a straight line (height wise) up to around x236, then down. I would lower the hand throughout, so it flattens

- then I would have it swing and be a bit delayed compared to the other arm when they both go up around x271; right now the right hand goes down and then immediately up with the other arm at the same time

- from x365 to 382 the wrists feel very locked as he pulls the back towards him. When the forearm rotation changes, it should also affect the wrist and during the initial pull as well

- same thing during the lift, up to around x431.

Coming along nicely, keep going!