Friday, January 3, 2014

Eric Yang - Giant - Feedback

The shot works better and I think you're good to go to start fleshing out things. I'd go in chunks and work on sections.

Speaking of which, here my thoughts on the current version:

- from the beginning to around x97 the entrance of the big character is a bit boring, meaning, he's not really coming across as menacing or big.Especially x65 to 104 he's not doing much. What if they had already fought and the big guy is hurt. So the overall coming up is just a bit more labored and painful.
So watch out for the timing of your beginning and silhouette:

The arm at the beginning just kinda slides over for a grab and you could make it more dramatic and clear.

What makes the entrance rigid as well is the body orientation of the big guy. He's mostly straight up and not really rotating and throwing its weight into the arm swings.
Also, imagine that from x60 to 100 he could be using his legs to climb up, which would affect the body.

I'd also add some stones and whatnot on the ground at the beginning so we can clearly see what the camera is doing:

I'd work on that section first since it's the big intro. You need a strong beginning otherwise people check out early on.

Hope this helps!