Friday, May 20, 2011

Wini Wang - Christmas - Critique


you're definitely making improvements!

The main thing that stands out are the IK arms. It's much better, I'd just do another pass on certain areas:

- x19 to 26 the relationship of the arms with body is much better, so the IK feel has been reduced, the only thing that still feels a bit odd are the hands. The wrist stays in that downward pose and the fingers never move, there's not really any adjustment. It's as if the and and fingers are glued to the ball the moment she grabs it.

- x43 to 78 the IK feel is back, where the arms float independently from the body

- the ball adjustments are weird from x84 on, where again the wrists are totally glued to the ball and the wrist has a bit of a broken feel to it, as the rotation is so far down. Plus the arms overextend on and off during that section until around 120.

- x128 to 148 the IK arms are back!

- the ending is awesome, as one hand comes off, the rotation changes, and second little grab and her expression at the end all works, that's nicely done.

I would concentrate on those arms first and really nail that. The moment you have those IK floating arms, it kills the rest of the animation, because it's a technical issue that shouldn't be in a final shot. So because we go too far into finger stuff, facial detail, foot polish, etc. work on those arms in combination with the wrist orientation.

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