Monday, September 12, 2011

Sebastian Cartelli - Walk - Critique


I like it! The part where she​'s using the tablet before she picks up the cup is good and the pause before the grab and once she holds the cup is great. Not sure about the tablet idea, a book could work better, but then again, she could be reading from a notepad, it doesn't really matter.

The camera feels a bit odd, since it's so high up. It's almost like a security camera. i would bring it down so it's a bit more like the side camera, just a bit higher. Think of how a practical camera would be set up and what a comfortable height would be.

Anim wise you're off to a great start. The only thing that felt weird is her right arm. The way it's hanging there feels a bit forced, it's a bit straight. In the sideview it's almost like a military walk. Maybe once you add more breakdowns and you can see/feel a more relaxed swing, then it will work. Just think about that section as you move on.

I would first lower the camera and send me that the moment it's ready, then we can look at a few poses that might need some tweaks for the silhouette. Right now, the current perspective camera is not very flattering regarding her arm silhouette as she walks away. Even with the camera lower I think we will have to adjust that, unless you have her walk more towards the camera after x97, so we see more of her front part.

What do you think?


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