Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mike Wilson - Espresso - Critique

Your new version looks a lot better, nice job making the tweaks!

The first few things that still stood out though were:

- screen right hand around x172 and on, is still in that flat pose and creates a weird silhouette. Plus it makes him lok too controlled and elegant, yet he's yelling and upset, so the fingers fight against that mood.

- "going" mouth shape still feels flat. The "i" part could be exaggerated, so it's more "Go-iiing", with one corner of the mouth higher than the other

- flip through x248/249 and you'll see how the screen right arm is locked and that ends up being an abrupt stop as the arm goes up. Don't stop the momentum so hard, finish the upward move with an arc and a down movement for a settle

​ - x252 on, his turn back to us, the head is better, but the upper chest feels like it's just moving in Y; would be good to add a bit more complexity to it

That's it! You're almost there!

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