Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shot ideas - Aziz Kocanaogullari

1st shot - it's a bit of an unconventional dialogue but I've wanted to animate to that dialogue for a long while and I guess i just gonna go for it, you know, just so i'll have some fun animating rather than thinking what I should do strategically. So the dialogue is here: . The shot is in a radio station, camera's set up looking straight from the front at the girl and the guy who's running the show. It has that stupid radio jingles that's promoting the radio station itself in the beginning so in that section, I'm hoping i can show the characters off a bit. (I have the guy in mind a bit more cheerful, carefree type of guy where the girl is kind of uptight and cares about her work). So I'll hopefully show those character when the jingle is playing and then there are like 2 more lines and a bit of laughter. So I kindda feel like it'll be a fun shot. What do you think about this?

I think that could be very interesting, I like your character ideas. It would be cool to see someone in the back booth counting down and signaling the guys when they can start to talk.

I would cut the last little part, where the guy goes "I got..." or whatever he says. Just have the laughter.

So this alien comes in to the scene from camera left as if looking for something, looking all around. He doesn't have the tentacles, just arms with no hands. Then he hears someone coming and suddenly stops. The tentacles come out and he throws them up, off screen and pulls himself up - again off screen. Then we see a huge, built guy (totally giving the bad guy vibe) run in looking for the alien, with a gun. Long story short, the alien's going to pull him up using his tentacles. Kind of like a physical / entertaining shot. Again, thoughts?

Could be fun, there's definitely room for a lot of complex physicality once the guy gets pulled up.
Once the alien comes in though, is he frantically looking around trying to hide? Is he scared? Or is he angry? Does he care at all? If he's cool about it, maybe the tentacle comes down in a playful manner behind the guy, before he pulls him up? Does the tentacle tap him on his shoulder beforehand? Or is it more violent Alien style? Just think about WHY there characters are there and give them a reason for every movement.

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