Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shot ideas - Ismini Sigala

a creature (i think there's a decent dino rig lurking around, there's big dino project coming up in london need to try out some creatures)

A bit broad! :) Is it a creature fighting? Creature movement study? Creature vs. human? Either way, love creature stuff, so hell yeah, go for it! Always a good challenge. Check out creative crash, there are a few dino rigs on it:

and other one which i ve kind of started... basic set up man and dog (great dane rig) man comes in shot absorbed in his book, his hand going backwords and gets stopped abruptly (because of dog on lead) he gets frustrated rolls eyes something like not really careful and starts pulling lead whilst back to his book. dog comes into to shot sniffing here n just notices for a second (glancing from book) and motions him (head or something) to move one (kind of stop fooling around way) dog shoots off forward with man flying off or dragged....

That's a great idea! Lots of physical stuff. Pretty tough shot, with guy walking, reacting to leash, then dog mechanics, pulling and acting on top of that. Very cool, I'd go for that! Make sure that the dog sniffing is suddenly attracted to something awesome (at least in his mind), so that we see the dog reaction first before he speeds away pulling the guy with him.

For help with animal movement, check out this monster pdf about Animal Locomotion, very helpful!

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