Sunday, February 28, 2010

Great examples

Check out Marcelo Sakai's reel if you haven't already:

Marcelo Sakai animation reel

and here Lukasz Burnet's clips, showing a huge variety:

Stephan Brezinsky's old lady with the speaker is awesome!
Reel Stephan Brezinsky

And here Uldarico Lim Jr's reel:


  1. heloo and omg, you have amazing reels ! I have to working hard :)

  2. Inspiring reels. I hope to learn from everyone here.

  3. hey everyone.
    sorry for the very late responses. just got a chance to check everything out on the blog.

    luke i really like your reel and especially having works from the industry is a great plus. I especially liked the garfield stuff though I like the character garfield personally :)

    stephan, I definitely agree with JD. love the old lady with the speaker. such a fun piece.

    rico you already have very nice stuff, though i kept wanting more, like a subtler piece.

    anyways, hope as times goes by, we'll get a chance to comment&critique more.