Friday, June 25, 2010

Erik Lee - Fight - Critique

AcTion! from gogoerik on Vimeo.

Ok, here my thoughts:

shot1: the big monster pounding his chest, on x33, his right foot in the air, tilt it a bit more sideways like the guy on the right has it on that frame, so that the foot is not so flat and parallel to the floor. You can also bend the toes in a nice pose to get rid of that flat feel.

Guy on the far right, I would make his stick/bat/weapon a bit heavier. Watch how the stick drops on x25 for two frames, then stops rotating and translates up. Played in real time it feels too fast and takes the weight away from the object.

shot2: I would have her move more screen right and not so straight towards us. Especially since her eye direction is focused on the right side.

shot3: watch her hand contact on x87, keep it planted. Same on x90. She pushes herself up, so all the weight is on that hand, so flatten it on the ground. It's an interesting move that she can spin around on one hand and then bring her legs up without a leg push and just her hand. :) Watch your body arc though, how she goes up at around x90, hangs in the air until x94, but then starts to move screen left to around x97. Don't have her go up straight and then left, keep it an arc. Lower her feet on x96 to x100. The shadows show that there's no ground contact.

The guy landing screen right at x95 should continue a roll backwards to keep that momentum going. You lower his legs pretty abruptly on x97 (and heel goes through the ground). Swing the legs backwards and slow it down a tiny bit.

shot4: looks fine, the shake is nice

shot5: the creature looks pretty good. Watch the right fingers, they drift down from x180 to around x197 and the fingers are going through the ground. When he moves his hands back from x206 to x215 give it another pose, don't just pull the hands back. You can rotate the hands into a new position and change the finger poses. Watch the ground contact, like on x250 his left foot goes through the ground. Same with the toes at the end.

The girl has some crazy momentum from x172 to x173, watch how her root travels screen right and then after x174 goes up and not very far to the right anymore. She's so leaning to the right that you either have to lean her less or have her take bigger steps to the right to balance herself out.

Watch her screen right arm arc from x174 to 177, the arm just goes straight up. I'd continue the swing so that during that part it's doing an arc to the left (finishing the arc you started) and then up to her face.

I'd bring her right leg more to the right on x187 so she can push herself back screen left. She's still pretty off balance and was moving heavily to the right. Same thing on x209, she's really leaning to the left but then it looks like she's just rotating her body up to x213, instead of using her right leg to push herself up. So plant that leg a bit earlier and more screen left so that the mechanics work.

Nice work though, there's a lot of cool complex stuff in it! Sweet!

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