Saturday, June 5, 2010

Jessica Toth - Walk cycle - Critique

The walk looks already better! There a few little things I'd tweak though. First, front view, the feet are straight towards us in a default way once they are planted, like x6 and x26 for both feet. I would rotate the outwards in Y (or in, but then it's a bit pigeon toed, that's a character preference). Also, if you look at the heel, it's always flat and horizontal to the ground. You can tilt the foot left or right during the lift off and passing.

The "hips": you have the right side to side rotation to simulate the weight shift, but you could adjust the timing a bit. I would keep the circle around the ball flat, like on x21, until x25, then bring up that side supporting the weight over the course of 3 frames and then continue going up for the next frames, maybe until around x33 in a slower way. That way you can feel the weight shift (but not poppy), and while the body goes over the leg for the next step there's more and more weight on that leg and the hip continues to go up in a subtle way (nothing crazy).

Also, adjust your side to side translation of the body. I'm looking at the front view, from x11 to x15/16, where the body goes up and to the left, but then down and back to the right. Momentum and weight wise that's a bit off. You would have to go up but stay a bit on the right side until around x15, then arc over to the middle and then go to the left until x31, so that your extreme positions left and right are when each foot takes a step in that passing pose. I hope that makes sense. :)

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