Saturday, July 17, 2010

Snehal Chaudhari - Bouncing Balls - Critique

The three bouncing balls look good, I would just tweak the middle one at x38. That last bounce up is too high when using up/downs over one frame. That starts to feel like a pop.

The sideways bounce is almost done, there are only a few sections that stood out:

- when it rolls off the platform, it rotates too much compared to fast it translates, reduce the rotation a bit to avoid that spinning feel
- watch the path as it falls down at the beginning, after x32 it feels like he's suddenly traveling more screen right.
- right before the ball hits the wall it slows down translation wise. Make sure that your x curve doesn't flatten out.
- biggest culprit: the screen left movement suddenly ends at x89 and then you move back to the right. Keep going screen left and finish out the bounces


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