Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wini Wang - Jump - Critique

That looks really nice!

Picky notes:
- x14 the left foot goes up but there's not enough weight change. I know it's a fast move, but it would still be good to get a little bit of a hip rotation and root translate in there so that the leg raise doesn't feel so separate.
- I would keep the left leg extended on x30 as well and then start bending it for a nicer full extension pose
- involve the hips throughout; for instance, x33, the hips need to rotate forward in Y and up a bit, so that you can see how the right leg pulls it up and forward
- I would add a little root roll on x40 for the right leg
- extend the right leg a tiny bit on x43 so you don't just have one frame of leg extension for the push off
- left leg arc is flattened after x43; space out the left foot from x43 to 45, then from 46 to 48, the arc suddenly stops and the foot just goes down in that 2nd section.
- left foot would be flat on x49; after a jump and all that weight I would have a two frame plant
- from x55 to 56 I would rotate the foot down, so that the toes are not in a horizontal pose on x56; they are flat from x55 to 59, so that hop feels weird with the toe orientation not changing
- ease into the full extension on x65, the leg is bent and then pops into a straight and then stays locked
- leg and root move at the same time on x83, I would start the leg earlier than have the root move down (ease out of that more)
- keep the root a bit more screen right around x88; it looks like he's sitting down, so it's borderline off balance to the back
- I would have the left leg a TINY bit bent on x97, then straight on x98, the a little bit bent on x99
- reduce the foot rotation, it's bit pop from x98 to 99
- watch the spacing on the foot from x99 to x101, how it goes mostly up, but then from x101 to 102 it's more to the right than up, then from x102 to 103 it's a big jump to the right; overall work on that arc and the spacing

Picky picky but it's already looking great!

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