Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wini Wang - Jump - Critique

That's a fun jump!

Here my thoughts!

I need a frame counter. :)
I'll use the quicktime one which starts at frame 0.

- x8 to 9 the foot roll happens too quickly. I would start it softer and at x6 (flat tangent)
- I would bring up his/her right leg in one continuous motion; right now it shoots up to x11, then down to x13, then up again up to x17. I would have it go up from the beginning so that you can feel how swinging that leg up is helping with the jump momentum
- on x12, with the right leg going up, I would rotate the ball up (sideways), so that you get the "hip" in there
- the left leg goes up to x16, then pretty much stops the up movement and goes mostly screen right, keep going with that arc, don't flatten it; it dips from x17 to 18, then back up to x19; so overall, track your spacing and arcs
- on the landing, the left leg has a little move from x23 to 24, but then a quick slap down to x25; I would take out that little move to x24 and make it less snappy
- right leg snaps into overstretched pose from x19 to 20. Smooth out that transition
- x22 the "hips" are straight again, I would rotate it up (left side)
- feet could be tilted sideways during certain poses, like x22, so that this rotation is not untouched and default


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