Saturday, April 14, 2012

Jero Maggi - Sit Down - Critique

Yep, this looks a lot better, nicely done!

I got some picky notes and I would starting thinking about your next exercise. Do you have a preference and what you would like to do? I'd recommend a jump at this point, but if you prefer something else, let me know!

- the arm pose from x0 to 22 still feels a bit forced; a big factor are the hand poses, which don't feel natural:

The outstretched fingers and the vertical rotation feel force. I'd look into poses like these:

So for your SL one it would be something like the red circled one, silhouette wise. The SR one wouldn't be so flat towards us and not have the wrist so vertical, it would follow the forearm a bit more:

- watch out that your hand is not locked in space, like after x15, which gives it an IK feel

- watch out that the pupils are visible and not disappearing around x26 and or getting into a cross-eyed pose

- the SL hand is drifting up his thigh from x57 to 73; I'd stabilize it and give it a more solid contact with the leg

- when he sits down, the pelvis kinda sinks into the chair from x50 to 54. It's good that it's not super sharp, but this feels a bit too soft and drifty. I know it's minor, but I would have only one or two frames of cushioning, but at a little overlap in the head on the frame of impact, so that the head rotates down a bit, showing us how the sitting stops the root but the momentum and "shockwave" travels to his head where the head continues down to finish the momentum. Hope that makes sense. :)

- lastly, I would soften the stop of the head going down at x75, it almost locks into place at the end.

You're very close!

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