Sunday, April 1, 2012

Stefan Rei - Whiskey - Critique

The whiskey clip is looking really cool! I like the contrast that you have built into the poses and that you move back and forth in his stance, it makes good use of space.

Regarding your question: I wouldn't have him stay low after x150 and stare in his glass, only because I like the playful and comedic tone of the clip, but that's subjective. If you keep him down while he keeps staring at his glass, it will make for a more thoughtful moment. Your acting choice around x87 gives him a rather playful action, which I think works well with the audio...

... so what you have is nice to me, because he's slowly propping himself and getting ready for the last drink. It's a nice long subtle anticipation to his final move.
If he's staying in his pose like on x125, he would have to move quickly to get into the pose at 247, which might feel too big after the long, thoughtful look into his glass.
Unless you go the opposite way: so he's looking at his glass after x150, you keep him down, and instead of up and standing for the drink, you go lower and crouched, with a more downbeat feeling and less flamboyant drinking gesture, slowly slurping the last drop:

Hope that makes sense. :)

- you have a good amount of break downs, there's only one section that I'd work on a bit more timing wise, which is the head move from x215 to 216 and the drinking from x233 to 234. Given his drunken state, those moves will be sloppy and slower, with the faster move when he goes for the last drink. Is the audio longer? You might have to extend the shot a little bit to give those two moments enough time.

- if you're going with what you have, you could have him a little bit more wobbly at the end, where you push how far screen left he goes around x213, so that he can travel further screen right to get to x240, as a bigger anticipation, giving himself enough swing to make sure that he can get every last drop out of his glass.

Hope this helps!

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