Monday, April 30, 2012

Jihwan Jung - Jerry - Critique

Looking good!

Here my thoughts:

- on the first "Oh Jerry", I'd bring up the shoulders and lower them on "Jerry", so it's like a sigh almost; right now the shoulders are pretty dead
- same on "Oh God", right before the "Oh" she inhales, so you could show that in the chest and shoulders
- then after "God" bring the shoulders down, so it's overall drooped

- by having them down, you can bring them up once she picks up the 2nd phone, making her more alert and perky; that will give you more visual contrast in the poses and body emotion

- I would also tilt her head more to the side, so she has visually more trouble keeping her body straight, she looks more tired/defeated/sad

- again, that will provide contrast for the very end, when her head is straight and her body is straight

Hope that helps!

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