Sunday, August 26, 2012

Yuri Perrini - Suitcase - Critique

The shot is coming along really nicely! Don't worry about your workspeed, you're doing great and it's important to have the foundation and poses right!

I like how you incorporated your reference into your anim at the end, the timing and poses work very well!

I would concentrate on finishing it up, so that the whole thing is blocked out and then I'd spline it, so you can see what's really going on timing wise.

Here my thoughts on some of the poses of what you have so far:

- At the beginning, I would move the ticket holding arm a bit more screen left, so that the ticket is sticking out a bit more to the left and so that you have more negative space between the upper arm and his chest.

- same thing when he looks down, I'm move both arms out more, so that the silhouette is cleaner and the hands don't overlap so much with the body.

- when he's pulling the suitcase up, it moves straight up, but if you look at the angle of his arms, the suitcase would rotate towards him a bit and get pulled up and back more

- when the handle breaks off, I would have it rotate more to the left, so that the handle is not overlapping with the body; and by doing that you will see more of the bent arm for a cleaner silhouette; right the we can't really see the elbow, so if you do the squinty test the SL arm looks more like a stump :)

But that's it! Keep going so that we can see it all blocked out, then spline it and we will fine tune the timing! Looking great though!


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