Friday, August 24, 2012

Arthurnal - Obstacle Course - Critique


so you're saying you did this shot in three days??? Holy moly, that's awesome!

Here my thoughts:

- I need a frame counter in it :)
(will use quicktime frame counter)
=> it feels like the camera is a bit too close up until x72:
- the guy is hugging the frame too much at the beginning:

- same thing around x35

- and then later around x51

It's okay to missframe so that the it looks like the camera guy has a hard time finding the character, but in your case your character is consistently hugging the top frame, so that you want to yell at the camera guy: "Frame up!!". So you either frame up to follow the guy more or you pull the camera way so that there is more head room.

- anim wise I feel like the drop around x24 could use two more frames, it feels a bit fast

- same with the up on around x31, I'd add two frames as well during that move

- I'd add a frame or two at x113, when he jumps up; from the antic to the jump you have a linear key, which makes that jump a bit poppy at the beginning, so ease out of that antic more

- same during the last swing around x151, I'd add a frame or two as well, it's just suddenly zippy in that section

- and one more frame after at x175 after he slides down; he slides and then pops into his roll, but at x175 he could be closer to the wall with that added frame. If you really want to keep this and the zippiness, I would at least rotate his chest and head back on x175, so that it feels like the feet are stop the slide and the body snap forward because of that, but it's just the lower body and the chest and head drag for a little bit before he dives into his roll

Once okay to be zippy and fast, but there are section where the body movement is finishing an action through physics (like the first hop around x23), so when a character is supposed to land, but it looks like he's being pulled down because he's so fast, then it feels weird (at least to me). It's as if some outside force helped him with that movement.

But overall it's a great clip with a lot of cool moments and ideas.


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