Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ji-Hong Kim - Bee - Critique

Let's get to the shot!

- on x830 to 831 both arms move down at the same time; don't forget to always offset them so that nothing moves in sync, even if the offset is only a frame or two

- ok, this one is not picky; watch out that you have arcs in his arm movements:

- I would put the bee a bit more screen left so that it's not overlapping with the stick:

- here we have the arc issue again:

- the elbow pops out from x901 to 902:

- from x905 to 906 and on, the whole body moves at the same time, and stops pretty much at the same time on x909; the main move should originate in the root, dip down for the anticipation (which you have), but then be the main driver and have the arms drag more; so delay their movements and keep those arcs going, both on the root (I'm tracking the his bowtie) and his arms:

As a whole, the shot looks good, you just have to make sure to get those arcs in (seems to be the main thread of this critique). But I've mentioned the arc issue on previous shots as well, so for future shots, I'd really make sure that you go through a list of things that each shot has to have (correct spacing, no pops; arcs; clean silhouette; etc.)

Hope this helps!

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