Monday, March 1, 2010

Reel - Richie Prado

About the clips. What's the company you really want to work for? It's always good to know, so you can tailor your reel towards it.

You have a lot of clips on there, but yes, like you said, they would need a bit more finishing time. The first clip is pretty cute, you could finish that one up. The 2nd one cracks me up because I used the same sound clip :) There are some funny moments, but it's a bit overacted. 3rd clip is okay, not sure about Jack Black voice though, he's a bit overused. I like the sound clip of the next one with the police, but I think the acting could be stronger.. The one with the girl and the guy leaning against the wall is the weakest of the bunch. The last one is great, I would definitely work on that one. So all in all, the last one for sure, re-use the sound clip with the police guy, keep the first one for pantomime.

What's overall visible is the same type of composition for the shots and the basic use of the rig. In order to stand out of the crowd, we will have to work on a more cinematic feeling and push the acting. Adding some clothing and bit more set design would help.

I think you're work is good, but it could be stronger acting wise (acting choice wise). I don't think you're going to have too much trouble landing a good gig, but for the top companies it's going to take a bit more work. Focus on one clip and finish it, going through all the polishing detail work for that extra special touch.

Let's finish up the pantomime shot first and then go from there!

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  1. hey man.
    just wanted to quickly comment that i really like your works and have to agree that the last one is the strongest. i really love the green guys acting.

    i know it's a pain but maybe you could try and modify the characters a little. it's always more fun to watch different characters.