Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Allison Myers - Sack - Critique

That's cute! :)

There are little things I'd tweak:

- it looks like the body back and forth at the beginning is done mostly through translation? It would be good to cut that in half and add rotation as well. Right now the upper body part with the arms and hands is stuck in the same pose and it globally moves as a whole back and forth

- when he gets up on around x130, it doesn't feel like he's leaning over his legs for proper center of gravity and like he's using his legs to push off. But if you want to make it an explosive jump, you could cheat it by having the guy squash first and then jump up, so it's more like a 2D take.

- looking at the path of the root from x134 to 137 he moves screen left, but after that frame he stops and falls straight down. You'd have to either continue that screen left arc or jump up in a straight line. You will also have to add a few more frame for the hang time at the highest point. Right now it feels like he's accelerating up and then suddenly coming down.

Hope that helps!


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