Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Allison Myers - Bouncing ball - Critique


Alright, looks already good! Let's check out the left ball first:

- I would keep the frames 5, cut x6, keep 7, then cut out 8 and 9, keep 10 and 11. Right now you squash, the slowly go into a stretch pose, then it lifts off. You want to a squash and then a quick push off. So x7 will ease you out of that squash and then x10 will be the transition into the quick push off.

- after x51 you're slowing the ball down a bit too much; it could hit it a bit faster and therefore sooner. The ball would then bounce off immediately to the left, I wouldn't have x56 to 57 where the ball slides up

- the tail overlaps a bit early on x17, I would delay that by 3 frames or so; same with x29 to 30, that's a quick forward move over one frame; same again at x44 to 45

- there's a weird tail section where the tail goes down from x73 to 74, then the tip seems to stick in the air until x76, then suddenly drops on x77; I'd rework the spacing during that section

- watch out for the tail at x163, it's moving screen right and then left again, keep it to the left so it's just dragging. Right now it's a bit too jittery.

heavy ball:

- it's a bit weird how the heavy ball goes back and then stops abruptly at x61; it then sticks until it moves again on x65. I would have the block move in a way so that it motivates the ball to roll forward again. Right now with that stop and flat surface, it looks like the ball is moving forward on its own.

- The drop from x80 to 81 is a bit big, I would ease out of that a bit more and have gradual spacing and acceleration

- You could lower the first bounce a TINY bit; watch your forward translation, it's fairly big and then from x86 to 87 it's suddenly small, there's a weird slowdown, and then it gets faster to x89 again, so smooth out that forward translation

- reduce the height of the 2nd bounce by 50%

- ease more into the stop at x122 so it's not so abrupt.

That's it! Nice work, keep going!


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