Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wini Wang - Walk and Pill - Critique


The walk is very nice, I like it! The immediate reaction was that he's a bit slow, you could speed it up by 10%. There's just something soft and slow to it. But I would try this first:

- reduce the overlap in his wrists (sideview), especially on the front part. When the arms are back and coming forward it's better, but when they are in front of him and going back, that drag is too big. So reduce that by at least 50% and speed it up.

Part of that slow-mo feel are those super slow moving hands and huge overlap.

- speed up the downward movement of the head after each step, which will give it a greater impact and feel of weight.

I think those two will help you with the slow mo feel.

Other than that:

- front view: x19, the screen right side of the hip is already tilted up, but the character is only now putting his weight on that leg (just because the foot is down doesn't mean that the weight is on it). So on x19 keep the hips horizontal, set a linear key on that frame and leave the rest of the key so that on x22 for instance the hip rotation is the same as you have now. It will give it more weight too.
- front view: make sure that the fingers don't go through the leg (especially screen right)
- I would reduce the shoulder down movement after each step by 50%. It makes them look very bouncy and soft otherwise.
- it might just be me but it looks like you have some eyebrow bouncing stuff going on after each step. If that's there, take it out. It just adds to that squishy, soft feeling.

The pill clip:

That one is great, super cute!

My only comments would be:
- add a little piece of black on x299. The amount of his body that's exiting frame from x298 to 299 is too much, which makes it feel like a pop.
- acting wise, the moment around x87 is weird. When I first watched it, the pill looked like a ninja. He hurries in, slides, stops and then looks screen left. So to me, it looks like he's on a mission and it's not a relaxed Sunday stroll.
But then he looks back to screen right and just stands there (x92), then he slides slowly to a position around x119 where people would still see him outside. Only by around x150 does he truly feel hidden behind the wall. So that whole middle part just feels out of character.
I would go from x74 into a squash while still looking screen left and then do a super quick slide to x147, then continue with what you have.

Nice work, keep going!

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