Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jihwan Jung - Contract - Critique

This is looking a lot better! Let's check out the woman first:

- the body movements overall feel too broad, given that she's tied up. Unless you animate the rope around her and make it all look a lot looser.

- biggest timing thing that stood out was her move at x128 to 130 (if the clip starts at x0); that part is super fast

- I would also have her nod a tiny bit when he asks "do you feel bad?", because he goes "good" without any indication that the woman does anything to make hi think "good".

Now the guy:
- first thing that stood out was the walk at the end; it definitely looks more like a walk, which is great, but the steps are a bit fast, there's something too quick about it, which makes him feel "small" and a bit "in a hurry", which takes a way from his anger and power

- when his hands fold out during "do you feel bad" feels a bit twinned, I would offset one hand a little bit

- I would add a blink to his look up during "good", I think it would soften him a bit and make him look a bit nicer; try it out, I'm curious what it looks like; not a quick blink, but soft and gentle

- his explosion into "that's how I feel", starting around x117, feels a bit too long; I think you could have that moment take less time, so it's more of a surprise and more "explosive"; if you don't have his arms go up around x122 before the big move around x125, that would shorten it and take out that anticipation

Hope this helps!

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