Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mike Wilson - Candy - Critique

Hahaha, that's kinda funny too, I like that! Gives us the mystery of what the hell is so strong in this stroller!!
The only thing I would add is a hand holding the candy stick, so that when he pulls on it, around x350, the candy can move up and to the right a bit, showing us a bit more of the hand of the baby. What do you think?

For the guy:
- make sure that you have side to side tilts in the hip during the steps, for proper weight distribution, it kinda looks like they stay horizontal
- as you continue to put more breakdowns in and spline things out, make sure to avoid sticky frames like on his right hand, from x144 to 152, where the hand seems stuck in space
- on x187, you could bring his left arm further back, separating it from the body for a clean silhouette
- x201 feels a bit awkward pose wise with the screen left arm, it's very angular and feels almost broken and watch out for the arm around x206, perspective wise, the elbow is almost right behind the hand, which makes it look like a really short arm :)
- his left foot on x200 is on its heel, crossed over the left foot, but then he pivots off his toes on x202, then back on his heels at x205. Are you going for a little bounce during that turnaround which would give the feet room for those changes? What's the plan there?
- on x210 I would lean him forward, going screen left, a tiny bit, only to push the "curious" feel of it; he can then go back and stay the way he is on x246 for the antic and move to the left on x262 the way you have it; although, on x263, I'm not a bit fan of the straight arm and straight leg, it's a bit mirrored and angular and a more curved line of action would work better

- same thing later before he pulls the candy

Watch out for those straight lines. But again, I like the idea of not seeing the baby! :)

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