Friday, March 23, 2012

Lukas Niklaus - Bottles - Critique

Almost there!

- the tip toe area is working better! I'd watch out for the right leg stop at x265, that's a bit abrupt and linear. And from x264 to 271, just looking at the knee area, it feels like there are a few pops in there.
Overall though, I think you could speed up that whole section from x259 to 278 by around %20, just to give it a bit more of a hurried feel to it.

- It would be good to change up the poses of the fingers a little bit before and around x232, especially from x241 to 250 (the fingers could tighten as he brings up his arms into that new pose).
- the foot detail is very nice right now, there's a lot of good keep alive and detail work. A picky note on top of that would be, watch out how his right foot gets to x369, it feels like a linear key. Plus once he's on his toes, that toe section is totally frozen. If you scrub through the scene, you'll see the dead pixel area. Another linear key moment happens from x407 to 408, how he gets the foot off (I'd have a flat tangent for the translation there) and how the foot stops at 411 (again with locked toes).
- the leg movement (his right leg) from around x489 feels too robotic in terms of direction and arc. Visually it looks like it's just going down vertically.

- this is picky, but I would take a frame out of the eye dart section from x115 to 119. It's just a tad slow.

- Watch out for even eyebrow shapes, like around x215:

You could open up the screen right brow a bit, so it's opening towards the direction he's going:

- on the dart from x394 to 396, he could also raise his eye brows a bit, they feel locked during that section.

- the kneeling and getting up area doesn't bug me, but as you mentioned, you could speed up the area where he kneels a tiny bit, so it feels more panicked?

- watch out from x460 to 470, how big your shoulder movement is. During that section I would have less shoulder anim, the action is more in the arm. And if you have that much shoulder movement, it would have to involve the chest area more.
- for the "Indy" hand movement, that area from x475 to 492 feels off like you said, and to me it's mostly an IK issue, which brings me to an overall note for the whole shot. His arms still have a big IK feel to it, during most of the movements. Make sure that the arms are tied in with the body motions.


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