Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mike Wilson - Moral

This is coming along nicely, the steps look nice. For the acting bits, there are two things that I would tweak. The overall delivery is very calm, but on x84 (using Quicktime frame counter starting at 0, don't see a counter in this zoomed in version), to 85 and 86 you have a very abrupt and fast head move, which doesn't really connect with the audio delivery.
The other section is around x305. After that frame I would have him stop or really slow down, so that you show how he thinks about his situation. You have a stop right before he talks, but that feels rushed. I would give that moment a bit more time. He can slow down, come to a stop and kinda hold the paw just above the ground, hesitating, and then he puts the paw down and delivers the last line. What do you think? Something like that, to really emphasize the thought process.

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