Sunday, May 6, 2012

Jihwan Jung - Jerry - Critique


here my thoughts:

- same notes from last week apply regarding the shoulders, you want to push the motion and range and timing, so that we can see the difference
- the two inhales (one after "Oh Jerry", the other after "Oh God") need to be visible in her chest and overall body; without that the audio doesn't feel connected to the character
- it doesn't look like you addressed the previous notes that much (if at all):

This previous note still applies, especially the head, which is not tilted at all in your current clip

- I would put her hand on the phone, and then let it stay on the phone for a few frames, then pick up the phone, and make that picking up motion faster.

Right now, the arm movement is fairly even and slow, which makes it look like she's still sad and depressed. But the pick up should reflect the audio at the end, where she's happy again. Each movement communicates emotion to the audience

Anim wise:
- x15 to 47 her left hand, her fingers slowly close, which feels like a stray key or a robot; same thing with how she opens up her hand during "oh god", feels even, there's not contrast in timing there
- the head tilt during the "oh Jerry" part feels too isolated; involve her chest a bit more, so you show how the head affects the rest of the body
- her left arm gesture on "now?" also feels too isolated and a bit linear in how the arm starts and stops moving
- watch out right before that how both arms and the head move at the same time, starting at x209 and ending at x217 (head stops moving SR and the her left arm stops moving SR (goes down after that))

During that move, don't forget to have arcs on movements (for instance, track her nose), be it head turns, arm movements, etc.

Same goes for her arm during that section:

I would work overall on arcs, your ease in/outs so that the timing has more emotional meaning and connecting the body to the audio. After that we will check out the facial work.

Hope that helps!

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