Sunday, May 13, 2012

Jero Maggi - Jump - Critique


Make sure to twist the hips in Y and also sideways. The leg that's forward will rotate the hips that way and the weight bearing leg will have the hip up on that side.

So his left hip will be forward and up. His right foot won't be flat on the ground due to the angle of the leg and his right knee will be more SR for a better silhouette => if you do the squint test it looks like he has a really short leg without moving the knee over.

When the shin is really low and you don't have your foot roll, it looks like you will pop his Achilles heel. Act out that pose and you will see what your foot does.

Bring back the shoulders fully when you pull back the arms.

Foot roll on his left foot (Achilles heel)

Shoulders down

Shoulders forward and up and rotate hips depending on which leg is forward

Same here, bring up the shoulders so that they are not on the same level as the top red body line. Hips need rotating.

Shoulders up

- shoulders up - bend his right leg a TINY bit, so it's not super straight, that way it will feel like the line of action goes from his body straight down his leg - angle of both feet feel too similar, gives it a twinning feel

Bring shoulders down a little bit and bend arms a little bit, so that they are not overextended.

Same here, bend arm and bring down shoulders. The overlapping timing though is a lot better than last week, nice job!

Shoulders lower, foot roll on his left foot and bend arms. Once his arms are fully taking the weight of the body you can bend the arms more and bring up the shoulders: - bending because of the weight of the body on them - but arms can't go lower because of the ground, so they will push shoulders up

Bring back the elbow, so that it bends the arm visually the other way and bring up the shoulders.

Overall the movement up can be faster.

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