Saturday, July 14, 2012

Arthurnal - Cockroach - Critique

Hahahahaha, awesome change during the chair rotation! Love it! That pose is much more in character!

Alright, here my thoughts for the rest of the shot:

- the beats of him looking at his phone and then the cockroach work a lot better, it's much clearer now
- the head stretch at x20 is still too big, plus it's stretching in the wrong direction; with your current shape, he would be going down, but since he's going back, the head would stretch/drag horizontally, not vertically:

Either way, I would reduce that stretch by 30% and have it go along the red arrow
- I'd reduce the head stretch on x31 and 32 by 30% as well
- same stretching direction problem on x131; he's moving forward (horizontally), yet the stretch is vertical:

- I'd reduce the head stretch on x165 by 15% and the one on x245 by 30%
- when he goes forward from x142 to x154, the SL finger pose is the same; I'd start with what you have, but end up on x154 with the fingers flat, so that it looks like he's really stretching forward to grab the phone

- lastly, watch out for the SL hand spacing when it goes off the chair; on x99 it's on the chair, on x100 it's very far off, then from x100 to 101 it sticks in space (IK), then on x102 it goes back SR, and only then you have uninterrupted spacing, so ease out of that x99 pose more

Nice improvements, great job!!



  1. Thank you very much
    Your feedback is very important for this work , it help me a lot.
    Your eye is very very awesome.

    I would like to ask you something about the word SL and SR ,
    it come from Left and Right side ?

    Have a good weekend

  2. SL = screen left
    SR = screen right


  3. I'm Loving this Test!!!!! i cant wait to see the next pass!!!!!