Sunday, July 15, 2012

Yuri Perrini - Suitcase - Critique


that's a great first pass, you did a good job incorporating the reference into your poses.

Regarding your ending: I like the "breaking the handle" because it adds even more frustration to his already stressful situation! :)

There are some areas here and there that I would tweak for your next pass.

- timing wise: the "looking at the watch" transition to his reaction is too fast. It's very poppy and we need to be able to ready this moment:

- how the suitcase falls over to the left needs to be sold more. Right now it just happens, without any clear indication as to why; in your reference you take your foot off the lower part of the suitcase; so something similar would be good; or his knee bumps into it before he can grab it, etc.

- I think you can slow down the first pull from x166 on, so that it gives the suitcase more weight

 - when he kicks the suitcase, I'd stick to the reference a bit more in terms of balance; when you did it, it was more about trying to make the suitcase pivot over, but you weren't leaning all the way back in order to pull the suitcase; in your anim it doesn't look like he's trying to to make the suitcase pivot over enough, mainly because your kicks are very similar, so it feels more like a frustrated kick; in your reference you change position when you start kicking the second time, which brings nice contrast to the poses

- watch out for the last lift; your anim guy is too far back and the suitcase would have to move towards him due to the center of gravity (unless he has REALLY strong arms, which would be able to lift a super heavy suitcase straight up); in your ref your body is much closer to the suitcase:

whereas in your anim it looks like this:

If you look at your arms, the suitcase would have to move along the lines of the arms and not straight up.

I would work on those main areas first, but again, great first pass!!

Hope this helps!

And remind me, sorry, is it okay to post this online?


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