Thursday, February 17, 2011

Alon Helman - Spidey - Critique


If possible, could you include a frame counter? I'm going to use the quicktime one which starts at x0.

Overall it's already looking great, I like your timing! Few things I'd look out for as you move on:

- the hand on the window frame starting around x46 to 75 is super locked. Especially when he gets up, you'll have to move the wrist with it.

- when he gets up during the x60 area, you could move the screen arm up a little bit. I know he's bored/annoyed, but right now that arm is just stiffly hanging down. So either have it swing loosely or bring it up into another pose.

- the body rotation around x55 is a bit simple, it looks like it's just rotating in one axis towards us, you could make that move a bit more complex

- watch the silhouette of the screen right leg at x69. I would make sure that you can see more of the thigh. If you squint, it looks like he has a short leg. The knee also rotates very quickly around as that foot moves and at x71 that leg looks broken, with the knee to the left and the foot almost horizontal. Watch that whole transition

- you could bring up the screen left arm up a bit at x75 for a clearer silhouette

- the head could also lean a bit to the right at x75, so it's leading the action a bit. Right now the head is mostly vertical throughout the clip

- around x83, wonder if you could scootch Spidey more screen right, so that you don't hide his screen left hand behind the body. Kinda works though, since the arm is clean silhouette wise, but just give it a try to see how it looks like.

- I would lower the hand around x83, down and screen left, so it's not so overlapping with the right leg

- silhouette on x95 is a bit muddled in terms of right arm and body and left leg. A clearer silhouette would be good.

- and if you move the body more screen right, looking at x103, you could also get a nicer silhouette for his left arm. Right now on that frame there's just the upper arm, would be cool to see the forearm as well

- when the foot goes down from x85 to 90 it's a bit linear, there's no arc and the foot pose doesn't change. I would end up in a different pose so that from x100 to 139, the shin is not so centered with the foot (visually). You could rotate the foot more to the left (hope that makes sense)

Cute rig! :)


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