Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mark Droste - Monster - Critique


That looks pretty cool already!

Quick notes on the visuals, it would be good to add a frame counter (I will use the quicktime counter starting at 0). I would also hide the locators and the grid, plus expand the camera framing, so it's more widescreen and pulled away from the creature. Right now it feels a bit crammed.

Animation wise, it's cool! There are just a few little moments where it feels too fast and other details which would need tweaking:

- x6 the head seems to be going through the screen right leg

- look at the screen right tip of the leg, from x6 to 11 it shoots out and then kinda rests in that position. I would have it settle a bit more

- there's a weird isolated chest rotation from x62 to x74ish, leading into that leg move. The isolation is accentuated by the fact that the head is also very locked

- x70 the front right arm shoots up to x74. It's a bit too fast, so the weight is missing, it also stops a bit too quickly. You want to give that creature as much weight as you can.

- x106 to 107 there's a weird chest pop, same from x117 to 118; you might be able to fix it by moving the chest a bit more screen right and by involving the hips a bit more. The chest up move feels very isolated.

- The leg slip at x162 is also too isolated until x164, then there's a sticky frame to 165, and only after that the body reacts. Make sure the head doesn't snap up from x165 to 166. Quick moves like that over one frame also take away from the weight. Same goes for the hip move up on x170 and on; and the back leg slip at x175 and on.

- The head slam on the ground could also be a tiny bit slower and a bounce to that head would be good. The head just drops and then rests on the ground.

Hope that helps!

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