Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saberi Knakon - Dog - Critique

I would have to have a full orthographic front and side view, because I feels like your paws and having a little pause after they go back and before the lift off. I would add a little tail wiggle at the beginning too. The snout move is super cute but technically it feels a bit too separated from the head. Looking at x81 he looks like he got punched! HAHAHA! So reduce the snout rotating a bit a bit and add a bit of head rotation, that way visually you end up with the same pose and silhouette (in terms of how far screen right it goes), but the the snout is more attached to the head (if that makes sense).
Last thing are his eyes. The first eye blink feels to mechanical and a tiny bit too fast. I would add a frame or two of ease out when the lids go down and ease in when they go up. The second blink at the end needs the same ease out and they open too quickly too, add two frames of opening (maybe one, but try two first) and then one more frame of ease out.
The eye darts are a bit funky too. The pupil pose on x25 is too far screen right, you can barely see the black part of the pupil. Bring it more screen left. That way the dart from x25 to 26 won't be as a big and fast. Right now it's so big that you'd have to add a blink. They eye move screen left from x55 to 77 is too slow. That's more of a I'm-on-drugs move or spaced out. Break it up with eye darts. You can still travel that distance in total, but lock the eyes, then dart over a bit to the left, then pause and lock again, then dart again, etc.
Watch out for geometry intersections on x77 with his lids.

Super super cute, love it!


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