Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jaewon Rho - And free - Feedback


alright! Getting better though, I like the changes so far! The guy is definitely better, the tie moment and how he grabs the chair is good and I like that he turns her around now. I would continue with that and start adding more breakdowns and more facial work for him.

The woman still feels fairly similar. I would concentrate now on the beginning up to x250. What you want to establish now is more visual contrast between the two characters. Having him be tense and feeling how he's bubbling up inside yet trying to keep it together is one side. The woman, and given the audio as well, would be more alive, perky, with more body movement as she's mocking the man. That way visually you have one character moving a lot versus the other character not moving that much.

Then, when the guy grabs the chair and turns her around it's a reversal of that energy, where she gets very tense and afraid and not moving, and him getting into her face and more agitated.

So with her, think this approach:

the movements would be slower of course, but you can get a lot of her personality through her head movements. That and eye rolls, closed eyes, high eyebrows, etc. Keep the actions that you have with her arms, just give her more attitude.

But for the guy, keep going with more breakdowns, look for arcs, overlapping actions (like during the tie adjustment so that you involve his shoulders as well) and I'll get into the nitty gritty.


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