Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jessica Gamio - Check out - Feedback


I think that's work pretty well! About the individual shots, here my thoughts:

Shot 1, with the title at the top, works. All I would tweak is the camera a bit, so that instead of mostly rotating down to keep the guy in frame, you add more of a translate down, so it's not such a security camera/birds-eye view shot. Imagine a camera on a crane and then they lower the crane.

Afterward it gets a bit tricky because you're breaking the 180 rule a lot. Look at shot 1, he's looking left to right, then shot two, it's a right to left composition. I know where are looking over his shoulder, but imagine you'd horizontally flop the image, you'd get the same thing, but the eye direction would be correct.

At the end of shot two, he turns his head and we are left with a right to left direction (looking at your current shot),

then shot 3 has left to right again.

From shot 3 to 4 is good because you're keeping the right to left movement.

So just be mindful of how you position your camera and the character for future shots.

Hope that helps!


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