Sunday, June 26, 2011

Alon Helman - Sitting - Critique


that's already looking nice, the drop of the root feels really good. The legs are on the right track, I would keep going with that. What stands out to me right now in this version is the head/neck area during the hit and the recoil of the spine.

The turnaround-looking-back-move feels a bit linear both in timing and in how the flat the arc, so watch out out for that part on your next pass.

Alright, the two main points:

- if you follow the spacing of the head it moves down pretty quickly as he sits down but from x50 to 51 it's stuck in space; I like the drag you have as the spine goes to the right but I would keep the momentum going with the head, so that the spacing from x49 to 50, 51 etc. gradually diminishes for a softer ease in as opposed to that quick stop you have now
- same quick spacing/timing stop happens from x60 to 61 with the spine; you will have to continue the forward move a bit longer and give it more hang time, so that the 2nd hit on the back piece of chair happens maybe around x75, as opposed to x64 that you have now
- look at the back of the head from lets say x56 to 60. Look at how it changes direction very quickly with no drag from x60 to 61. You will have to loosen up the head and neck anim so that there's a bit of drag in the head
- this might just be me, but with a chair that has wheels like that, I would have it roll screen right a bit more; unless it's some thick carpet :)

Looking good, keep going!

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