Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jessica Gamio - Marry - Feedback

I think that's headed in the right direction, there are only a few tweaks I would do. I like how forceful she is but for contrast I would keep the guy more calm. I don't think he would throw the case down because it's a bit aggressive and even angry. But for him to say "Does that matter?" means that he's very sure of himself, he's very confident. I think he would just put that case onto a side table or something (or casually put it back into his pocket (jacket or pants).

Same goes for the walk out. It's a bit fast. I would slow it all down so that the door closing would happen at x298. Make him controlled, he's in control of himself, he's calm, because he's so arrogant and sure of himself, vs. her, who feels defeated and powerless (she may rebel against his advances, but she might know deep down that he's stronger, which you could show in her facial expression towards the end. As he walks away her angry and stern face turns into something more sad and defeated).

What do you think?



  1. I agree with your feedback, but i would like to change his emotion, he is really proud of himself on your animation. I think about angry on his face
    look at that faces and maybe you can find better because this not works:

  2. and maybe he can crush that ring before said something

  3. Yeah, I don't think he would crush it, only because I don't think he's mad. He doesn't care what she says because to him the outcome will be the same, he will win. So why get mad?

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