Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bruno Andrade - Robot fight - Feedback

The animatic is a tricky thing. On one hand I really like it! The sequence is cool, the cameras are cool and the overall feel is great. On the other hand, looking at it purely from an animation point of view in terms of showing off skills for a reel, most shots won't have that much in them. The first one he's just standing there, same with the second one (which has an awesome reveal), the jump shot is a bit simple and short, the robot waiting won't have that much in it, the fall towards camera won't have much, the stab-jump-land could be a bit more complex and have the most potential.

It might be a good idea to continue the fight with the scorpion (it could grab it by the tail and spin it around for a throw; the action of grabbing, pulling the scorpion into a swing, all that momentum stuff could show off great weight). Then you have more meaty reel stuff, but as a whole, you could still finish the whole thing so that you have a sweet sequence with beginning and end.

Sometimes people put reel only shots at the front, then after the credits put the whole thing on it in case they want to see everything. You can polish out the shots and they won't hurt you anim wise (they're just not complex enough for the main reel) but then people can see how you put a story together with cameras and cuts.

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