Saturday, November 19, 2011

Alessandro Chirico - Stand and Sit - Critique

That looks good!

The only two things that stood out after the first viewing were her pose at x26 (she's still looking really far down; I would reduce the upper body/chest rotation forward and lift the head up a bit) and her sit down impact at x92 (for here I would have two or three frames of her root going down; so on x92 have her a tiny bit higher, like she's barely touching the chair, then go down for two frames (and it's okay to intersect the chair a little bit)). Right now when she sits her root just stops moving over one frame and that's really abrupt. There is flesh and muscle on the butt, so when you sit it will squish a bit and soften the stop. You can also see how quickly things stop by tracking the screen right knee from x91 to 92 (moves screen left), then x92 to 93 (completely still). So even after the root stops, the knees can carry on the momentum and distribution of force (meaning, they can move in a bit screen left over 3 or 4 frames and then settle by moving back screen right over 4 or 5 frames. You will also have rotate the chest a TINY bit more forward after she sits down and rotate the head down a bit more. You have her head overlap after the sit which is good, but when you visually track the chin in 2D space, look how far down it moves from x91 to 92. Then look at x92 to 93 and you'll see that not only is the chin not moving down anymore, it's moving up (visually in 2D space). So that adds to the abrupt feeling of the stop. I hope that makes sense!

I would work on the root area first. The rest is coming along really well!

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