Sunday, October 14, 2012

Raluca Feresteanu - Fire Hero - Critique

that's looking awesome!!! Super cool blocking, I love it!! Great to see how you went with that idea!
My only two concerns are for the beginning and the end. So:
- at the beginning, when he comes down from the wall, he's covered by the tree a lot. I would bring him more to the right, into the empty space. Maybe put the tree a bit more to the left, or do both, but whatever you can do to make him more visible.

- the other part is at the end, once he pushes off the big tree, he steps over her face and has the foot in front  of her. That feels a bit awkward to be standing over her and potentially stepping on her face. :)
I would have him behind her at all times. The tree can still fall down to the left, but maybe a bit more diagonally, so that he can stand behind her and still grab the tree? I hope that makes sense.

- and to elaborate more on the beginning, I would add another tree to the right,

so that his choice of breaking through the trees makes more sense. Otherwise he could just go screen right, around the tree and to her. With all that empty space SR, why kick the tree SL?

And the camera is fine, the angle works for me. Would be cool to have some handheld feel to it, but I would worry about that at the end. What Maya are you using? You can send me this file and I can play around with the camera feel so I can show you a playblast for reference. What do you think?

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