Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Raluca Feresteanu - Ogre - Critique

alright, here my thoughts on the shot:
- first off, I think you did a great job incorporating the reference into your animation, but I would turn the ref plate off and tweak the anim from there. Some moves, even if they match the plate, can look a bit funky.

- watch out for the beginning pose changes. From x1 to x9 it moves a bit pose to pose, where everything starts and stops at the same time; it almost feels like a dance move.

- his left arm pops a bit during the up down move around x21. I would slow that move down a bit.

- from x38 to 43, I would ramp up the drop of his root, to add a bit more weight. The chimp is smaller and lighter than what this ogre looks like, so we have to push the timing here and here

- from x36 to x43, I would rotate his right first towards his body a bit (you can try to keep the fingers down); right now it gets into IK land, where the arm/elbow is moving a lot, but the fist isn't; it also gives it a broken wrist look at x43.

- his right fist around x54 could have stronger contact with the rock; it feels a bit floaty

- I know that's not your fault, but the geometry has some funky deformation at x59 in the hip/back/belly area; maybe you can tweak the hips for a nicer shape?

- on x64, his right foot could have a bit of foot roll dialed in, so that the shape down his leg to his foot is less of an L.

- I would ease out of the rock grip a tiny bit on x86 to 87 (his right arm), it's a bit too linear in spacing and slow it down a tiny; might be the distracting ref plate popping in/out, but it fees like that big arm is moving really fast down to x92

- looking at his left foot from x93 to 101, I would introduce more sideways tilt, so you get rid of the IK feel and broken ankle look

- around x111, the thumb pose is too mirrored and looks a bit weak, I would lower the screen right one

- his root has a sudden forward acceleration from x123 on, which feels like a pop; it also drags the feet forward (screen right) too fast, so smoothing out that root movement will help a lot with the overall feel of the swing hang time and direction change

- his left elbow pops from x136 to 138

- same too fast direction change from x148 to 149 and then 150 (sudden screen right move from x149 to 150); the root also stops its screen right movement super abruptly on x151 to 152
- his right foot also moves too fast from x143 to 145; there's small spacing before that, then visually the foot covers a lot of ground over two frames and then suddenly small spacing again, which makes it look poppy

- visually, his right arm pops away from x162 to 163; it have one more frame with just half of the hand and some fingers behind the tree

Hope this helps!


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