Sunday, April 4, 2010

Aditi Bhandari - Nut - Critique

I like the setup of that clip. I would just make the bartender a tiny bit more visible, so that the guy's hat is not right in front of it.
The main guy is great, I like where he looks, I like his actions too. A few things I'm not too sure about. When he throws the peanut into his mouth, the dialogue continues with no interruption. I don't really hear a little pause or that he would open his mouth a bit wider. And the drinking has to be pretty quick because you need to give him time to swallow before he laughs. The laugh is very clear, it's not like he just drank something, so the audio won't help you there. But I love love love the look up to the guys when he goes "yeah" around x233, that's a great moment!

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