Sunday, April 4, 2010

Richie Prado - Note - Critique


I don't think you need that sound, it's not vital to the story and it's just an added thing, it's not really necessary. Unless you're playing with the fact that this is a gate at an airport, but again, it's not really needed.

The animation works better, you're on the right track! One thing though, it would be good to tweak the part around x190. I thought I mentioned it before but I can't find it in the notes, so I apologize for that. It's just an idea, but I think it would add a clearer beat.
So, when he looks at the note again, around x199, what do you think about having him turn the piece of paper around, so that he sees that the #9 was actually a six.

What do you guys think?

Anim wise what's standing out a bit right now is the moment around x128 where he crumbles the paper. How the arms go together and his body rotates down feels a tad too fast.
And you could speed up the run after x255 a tiny bit, for a nice zippy exit. Although that one is not a deal breaker.
And before that actually, around x55, when he looks up but the body slumps down, that pose change is also a bit too fast and it looks like the head stays in place and only the body changes, it's a weird pivot moment there from x60 to 64. And the body drop from x79 over two frames is also a bit too fast. All you need to do is add two or three frames to the overall move and cushion/ease into that new pose.
Same goes for x145 to 148, that body side move, it hits a wall spacing wise at x148. Look at the line the left side forms down to the leg at x147, then 148, see how much it moves screen left? Then go one frame further. Now it doesn't move to the right anymore at all. It's a sudden stop and you need to ease into that as well. Think about the mechanics and the momentum of weight shifts. By moving the whole body so quickly, it needs to settle over a few frames.

Almost there!


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