Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Akem Singh - Bouncing balls - Critique

Nice widescreen btw. but not really needed for that clip. :)

About the different balls, let's start with the heavy one:

The first bounce up is a bit high, taking away from the bowling ball feel. You could just cut out that part and continue with the little bounces, so the frames would be something like x110 and then x119 and on.

The left and far right balls feel very similar. Even though the left one is a bit slower, I miss the clear distinction between a basketball type of weight and a balloon type of weight on the other one, which would really show the difference between a medium and light ball.

I would replace the far right one with a balloon type of ball and keep working on the left one. Speed wise it would be a mix between the two. The left one is a tiny bit too slow, the right one a bit too fast. Exaggerate the hang time a bit more by adding a frame or two at the top and give it a clear acceleration when it falls. You should also add about two more bounces at the end. The last bounce's height is too high to be the last one. There is still enough energy and momentum in the fall to settle and bounce a bit longer.

Hope that helps!


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