Saturday, April 24, 2010

Joseph Taylor - help yourself - Feedback


That's very cool, I really like it! The only thing that's a bit unclear, or that might need some tweaking, is the end pose of the woman.

With the eyebrows like that, she still looks kinda mad. I think it would be neat to see more of an expression change or stronger thought process for that last bit.

Since he's saying that she has to be willing to help herself, how is she going to react to that. Does she dismiss that thought entirely? Does it make click in her head and she realizes and understands what he said? Does she understand but then doesn't want to admit to it? Does she get upset at that comment, or embarrassed, or nervous, or dismissive, or pensive, etc. etc.

Right now, that body move up, that look, I'm not too sure what what she's thinking. What were you going for?


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