Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Joseph Taylor - Red Light Guy 2 - Critique

Before going in depth, I'd work on a few broader things though first which caught my attention.

It's coming along very nicely, but what's not quite working for me is:

From the beginning on the poses are nice and dynamic and the transitions between them fun, but then you go into the pose on x288, which is a bit weak compared to the rest and given the nature and objective of the character. That frame could be him making coffee, adjusting a big screen tv, etc. etc.

You then also keep the arm and hand pose while moving towards x302, and since the pose is not as expressive as it could be, that section feels weak as well.

On x310 you just finished going down and on x311 he's already up. I would add maybe one frame (or maybe two?) of at least the head pushing up and maybe on the second frame a hint in the body and then explode into the 311 pose. Right now it's a tiny bit poppy.

Something that doesn't work for either is the section from x321 to the end. We were dealing with a 3D CG character before, with a certain amount of mass but at the end he's moving a like a 2D character with super bendy legs and stretchy head (x328). It's pushed a bit too far for my taste given the 3D environment and style.

What do you guys think?

That's it though, looks great otherwise!


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  1. wOW .. great job JOSEPH .. flowing animation..learnt so many great things from the critique .. Thanks JD .!