Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Aditi Bhandari

The clip is coming along nicely!

I like the body action of the main guy! The gestures and head accents work well.

What I would work on on your next pass is the lip sync, mostly the 2nd half. From the beginning to around x144 is pretty good. "... office locked in the John (sp?) again ..." feels a bit even in the opening and closing timing. Play around with the corners of his mouth, adding little arcs and add rotating the jaw sideways as well for some off-default accents (so that the main concentration is not resting on just up and down).

The second half feels unfinished, as if you're syncing only half the words. I think you simplified it too much.

Gotta admit, the nut throw is still a bit awkward to me, but it does work a lot better with the throw on "locked".

The glass is reaching the mouth a bit too early. It looks like he's still finishing "paper" and he's already drinking. Try to delay that move a bit.

The background guys are coming along. I'd add a bit more ambient business to the guy sitting and the bartender could need more "thinking". He's busy with this bar, preparing something, so add a few eye darts at the beginning (good old "throw in some eye darts" comment...) before he turns over. Even afterwards, he feels a bit too stare-y. Some variations to his mouth would also help get away from the dead puppet feel. It could be one way at the beginning, change during the turn, then again when he looks at him, etc.

Keep going!

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  1. Gud work!
    Im impressed..

    Barrow (I heard still u call me)