Monday, May 24, 2010

Lukasz Burnet - Walks and swing - critique

Hey hey,

so I tried to find things that are wrong so I'm not just saying "Looks good!" but you know what, it looks good! Your work is really consistently strong and your speed is exceptional.

I really have to be super picky in order to write stuff and none of this is really a deal breaker. You could have this on a reel and you'd be set. Like I mentioned before, the only one that would need the most work is the swinging kid clip.

But first the Angry walk:

You could argue that the knees are popping a tiny bit, but you know, I kinda like that. It has the feeling of hard boots on a hard ground.
One little technical thing would be the back foot on x12 to 13 and to 14. The toes seem to go below the ground.
This is just a matter of character and depends on his situation, but you could say that the wrist holding the gun could be a bit stiffer since he looks angry and there would be tension in that arm/hand.
Another super picky thing. Front view. Screen right wrist. The wrist rotates down a bit fast over just two frames from x4 to 6 and then it stops that rotation. Once you loop it over and over you start to see it. :)

Happy Walk:

Again, nice work. Only thing I would say, and that applies to all walks, especially with big feet or shoes, rotate tilt the foot (rotate sideways, but not in Y, not up and down) when the heel touches the ground, like x0 and x1, so that the foot is not so flat (nothing is perfectly horizontal or vertical to the ground). Apply that to each step and to future walks.


It looks already good, but like I said before, add some Y rotation to the swing chair and tilt one side down (front view). The swing is just like the foot in the happy walk, too horizontal and perfect to the ground.
One other thing, after both legs go up during the forward swing, they go down as she starts to swing back and both legs have a little pause and stop bending down, around the x19 area. It's subtle but you feel a weird little pause. It might just be because both legs are doing it in sync, so I would try to have only one leg pausing, that should help. Otherwise take that pause out and just offset the legs more.

That's it though! Nice work!


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