Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Akem Singh - Ball and tail - Critique

Ok, looks good, but I would do it this way:

when it lands on x10, the way the tail curves, you could have it a bit more to the left (so that the tip is not right above the ball), but then on x11 the tail wouldn't be up anymore, but pointing down (imagine a whip action, or a flag waving and you're looking at it from the top). As the ball goes up it would be more like x16 where it follows the path of action and after the apex curl up, so not down like on x20. More up but not as much, maybe half of that and as the ball falls the tail gets pulled again along the path of action and ends up like on x26 and then on the next bounce you start over with the overlap towards the ground.

This will alter how it will look like after it hits the wall, but one thing I wouldn't do is the direction change like you have it on x55, where it goes down and the up again. That looks more like a voluntary change vs. a straight physics overlapping action (hope that make sense...). :)

The ball bounce is good though, but I would keep it rolling beyond x70, it comes to a sudden stop there. Or just cut the shot there.

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